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Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Privacy Policy

Below are my apps with short information and what user's data it can use. Also look at common terms at bottom some of which applies if app shows ads.

NOTE: If ads overlap or are very big please use desktop version of page. For example use "Request Desktop Site" in Chrome or Firefox.

Donate APK

It removes Ads and unlocks locked features from many of my Android apps. It will also support development of apps. Its few KBs only and doesn't do anything other than just remaining installed. Donate or buy here :


Image Custom Size Reducer and converter


Reduce your images to custom size. For example reduce 2MB selfie to 400KB without noticeable quality loss or 50KB with some quality loss. Its an image converter also. It support size reduction with almost NOT noticeable quality loss. Very useful tool for students as well as other users.

Requires STORAGE access to save images. Internet to show ads. Google Ads policy applies.

Sacred Sound - Visualizer


This app generates cymatics, string art etc art from sounds. For example it can make rangoli arts, mandala like arts from simple human voices. Has internal generator for complex arts.
  • This software requires Microphone access to capture audio from device to render graphics on screen. The audio data is NOT USED for ANY OTHER purpose. The audio data always used inside the app and is not sent or shared to other apps or devices.
  • App requires external storage write access to just save screenshots captured by app. If disabled no screenshots can be saved or app can crash.
  • It uses Google Admob ads and therefore their privacy policy, usage terms are also applicable. Link at end of page.
  • Ads are removable through my unlock app which removes ads from my other newer apps also. It helps to keep updating the software with more dedication. Unlock app does nothing by itself other than acting as a key and therefore no privacy terms are applicable to it.

Random Graphics Generator


Generate complex tiles, patterns, colors, gradients in few milliseconds by one click.

It only requires access to storage to save images. When internet is active Google ads are shown and the privacy terms of Google applies.

FreeForm Optics


This is optics app to dynamically create complex lenses and test how refraction happens. Very useful tool to understand optics and how lenses actually refract rays.

It requires access to storage to save screenshots. Internet is required to show ads. Google ads policy applies.

Left-Right Ear and Speaker Test


I made this app when i was repairing my Piston earphones and it also helped me when i got infection in right ear and i wanted to check by what percentage my right is hearing lesser. This small tools helps when Left-Right is not mentioned in audio listening gadgets.

Shows Google ads and so applies the ads policy.

Screen Camera FPS tester


Test how fast is your camera and screen. More details on link.

It shows Google ads and terms of ads apply.   

SoundFont MIDI Player


Plays midi files with high quality instruments (SF2 files). Play old musics in high quality. Requires STORAGE access and internet to show ads. Google Ads policy applies.

Common Terms, Privacy Policy

  • During software installation or usage an End User License Agreement has to be accepted. If not accepted the software must not be used.
  • If app is advertisement supported then ads are shown by respective AdNetworks and they maintain their own legal terms.
  • Some AdNetworks collect user data to deliver relevant ads. The advertisement related terms must also be agreed before using the software. The adnetwork related terms are mentioned later in this page.
  • In case some objectionable content is presented by AdNetworks please report it and i will remove those ad-networks upon verification.
  • If you download my software from sources or links not officially mentioned by me then i WILL NOT BE RESPONSIBLE for any kind of problem or damage from its usage. Sometimes a pirated or hacked version of software are distributed by pirates with malicious behavior inside. It cannot be imposed to the original software.
  • Please download software from my official pages only.

AdNetworks are only used for revenue generation to support development. For some software a small fee can be paid to remove ads and support development. After removal of ads the related agreements are also removed because ads system are disabled.

Ad-network Policies ( Applicable if software or webpage is Ad supported )

Please refer to following software, adnetwork policies. Some of my software use software mentioned below and therefore their privacy policy is also applicable through my software.

AdMob, AdSense: Software, Ads

Unity3D: Software, Ads

Vungle: AdNetwork