Monday, March 11, 2019

How to play Project IGI 1 on Windows 8.1Pro, Windows 10 etc

Project IGI 1 used to work well upto Windows 7 but later versions have probably changed driver framework and that is causing poor performance. However there is solution to it and it worked for me.

I was getting very low FPS on my Windows 8.1 Pro with AMD 9600P which can run many modern games at high speed. IGI 1 will not run better even after setting it in XP compatibility. Here is solution in steps :

This solution requires a graphics card with DirectX 10 support. If card is older better is to install Windows 7 or below to play game as these cards were made many years ago.

  • Install game and set compatibility of IGI.exe to Windows XP. Right Click on IGI.exe goto compatibility tab and choose Windows XP.
  • Download dgVoodoo 2 from I tested version which worked.
  • Extract dgVoodoo zip file somewhere and copy 3 dll files from MS folder (D3D8.dll, D3DImm.dll, DDraw.dll) to location where IGI.exe is present.
  • Run IGI.exe and it might work well.

How it works?

Windows esp older versions allow loading dll files from multiple locations. The 3 dll files will be loaded from game directory instead of DirectX install location. These dll files catch game's graphics communication and pass to real DirectX dlls allowing customized behavior. This way game can run. 

This solution can be used on other games also. Refer to dgVoodoo's help. 

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