Monday, February 6, 2017

SketchVania : Metroidvania/Castlevania style short sword action Android game

I am big fan of platformers and Castlevania type games. I started another game "SketchVania: Nightmare of Sketch World" which is complete and available on PlayStore. You play as a stick/sketch hero who has to protect his village from some strange creatures overpopulating very fast. This is a short game with 4 stages, 4 bosses and 3+ musics. The game may look too simple but don't take it lightly!. It has some entertainment value for platformer lovers.


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I have stopped playing very long games. The long game i last played was Chrono Cross in December 2011. It took 3 months to reach final boss. Now i cannot invest much time playing games. So i look for short games to play and only focusing on making short games. Another Castlevania type game for Android i am planning is a parody Castlevania game called "CastLOLvania" with DrakLula to entertain .

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  1. Just tried to download this game but google play store said this file doesn't exist. I would like to install and test this and add it to the list of wifi free games.