Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Ballogic (AKA Desi Ball Game) (Android, PC)

A Puzzle-Action game which makes use of problem solving and standard platformer gaming skills. It will make you think hard and act fast with fun of side-scrolling 2D games. Game falls into puzzle category by theme and skill requirements but there is great fun of side-scroller 2d platformer in it.

Game-play info:
1. You control a Ball and have to move it to the destination object.
2. There are harmful objects to block you from reaching destination.
3. Timing of your moves is what makes you a winner!
4. The faster you clear a stage the higher your score will be.
5. Currently there are two packs in game: Simple & Advanced. After clearing 35 simple stages advanced pack is unlocked,
6. Most of simple stages are single screen, but later they become scroll-able.
7. Advanced pack are the one to utilize your skills learned in simple pack. These are the real fun.
8. This game may seem simple but has interesting things you may have not expected!!. Advanced pack with 5 stages in this version (version = date, 2013.09.14) may seem little but are challenging.

There are 2 packs :
Simple Pack: 50 stages
Advanced pack: 5 stages

Game is ad supported, showing ads from sponsors / advertisers.
Music is not added to keep game 1MB - 1.5MB size.

Future updates:
1. More stages will be added.
2. Music will be added upon popularity of this game and time i get from my other scheduled games like Bestial (side-scroller action fighting game like Castlevania, Ninja Gaiden).
3. Score system over server. i want to keep game's size small that's why trying to keep many things out. If required i will add score system on server using ScoreLoop etc APIs.

Platforms & Devices:
You can download PC version for windows and Linux (using WINE). Android version is also released.

Level 1 - PC version, ( June 2010 )
Android version

Android version

Android version

Android version

Game downloads:

Direct APK download:
Ballogic APK, 16-March-2015 (DropBox link of apk, old version)

Download via Google Play Store

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